Colloidal Silver

8 dead in NYC Legionnaires’ outbreak
The death toll from an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in New York City is now at eight, according to an update from city health officials Wednesday.
Since the outbreak began, 92 people have been hospitalized with the disease — a severe form of bacterial pneumonia — 48 of whom have been treated and released. Health officials traced the source of the outbreak to the South Bronx after five of 17 cooling towers inspected for legionella bacteria tested positive. First read on USA Today, to read the whole story go to,
Most people don’t know that that the CDC and the US Army have done studies and test to prove that Colloidal Silver kills these nasty bacterias. The story that was published but not picked up by the drive by media, was about how colloidal silver kills the Ebola virus.
Colloidal silver kills any Bacteria, Virus, or Fungus. Colloidal silver is used commercially in burn creams and different bandages for that very reason. There is many other application it is used for, to many to list in this short post.
If you would like to know where to buy colloidal silver for your protection against the flu virus, bacterias, or fungal, watch this short video I found and use on where to buy colloidal silver.



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